What Europe’s Mature Sports Betting Industry Can Teach US Sportsbooks

Online sports gambling has existed since the times of suitcase-sized computers in Europe and agonizingly slow internet.

But sports betting has evolved and grown over the years offers US gambling to the nascent.
The last two decades have observed regulation sweep. Governments moved to license and tax the activity, while hundreds of bookmakers sprang up to cash in on the online gambling gold rush.

In the United Kingdom, the world’s largest regulated online marketplace, online gaming today generates #5.4 billion ($7.1 billion) in gross revenue a year.

Mobile fueled much of the betting explosion of Europe, over there reporting that approximately 80 percent of betting activity comes through handheld devices, with many online sportsbooks. For top UK online bookmaker Sky Bet, that has been snapped by The Stars Group for about $ 4.7 billion final year, 90% of stakes are on mobile.

A mobile-first mindset to merchandise and customer acquisition has been widespread across the Atlantic since the advent of apps and smartphones. The evolution of devices and products signifies today’s sports betting sites and apps are night and day when compared with the rudimentary variations.

But if it’s mobile or desktop operators have worked hard over the past few years on iterating their products with an emphasis on simplicity and speed. It’s all about logging in, these days, frequently biometrically, pinpointing the desirable market, and putting a wager with the fewest clicks possible before or during sport.

“A key lesson for the US is that sites have got to be functional, particularly with mobile,” said Ed Andrewes, that has held senior positions at Ladbrokes and BetVictor and now owns EAGC, direct adviser to Resorts Digital Gaming. “It is all about ease of use and receiving your bet on as quickly and easily as you can, and following a clear customer user journey.

“Nothing must get in the way of putting a bet on as quickly as possible.

“The evolution of product has been fairly phenomenal in Europe, albeit more than a relatively long period of time. The merchandise has certainly come a long way, but I certainly think the US will start with a much more advanced merchandise.”

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