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WAIFU Sex Simulator

The WAIFU SEX SIMULATOR 2.2 VR game has a whopping 250 models plus well over 175, totally boner creating dance scenes. The site is continuously adding more models and dance moves to keep the simulation, gaming action exciting and fresh. They have also made it possible to use the 2.2 version exclusively without having to download the previous version which is very convenient.

The Hentai animation is outstanding and the anime, VR babes are as hot and sexy as they come. They provide extremely pretty vixens for all tastes and likings as well. Some have huge, bouncing tits and bubble booties where other chicks are tiny racked and of a more slender built.

But best of all, these horny honeys look killer hot when riding on massive sized dongs, blow dick, balls deep and fuck their brains out. But to make all this happen it’s of the utmost importance to carefully follow the directions before getting into the game.

You can easily read about how to Load Scenes, how to use the “Cardboard” as a main display, Leap Motion Camera Mode, plus how to Change Clothing. Follow more instructions how to Shoot Liquid with Hands and how to move the Bones of the Models. However, there is a tricky part when selecting the bones names which unfortunately can only be in Japanese as you try to find the bone you are searching for.

Requirements for this game are either

CPU – Intel i5-4590
System – Windows 7 SP1

Installation Manual: 1. Unzip 2. Install 3. Run. Devices to be used are Vive and Oculus.

Lastly, here is a list of the best and most popular Virtual Reality Headset of 2018:

  • Sony PlayStation VR sells for $274.99
  • HTC Vive sells for $599.00
  • Oculus Rift sells for $399.00
  • Google Daydream View (2017) sells for $99.00
  • Samsung Gear VR (2017) sells for $84.99


The Hentai animation is outstanding and the anime, VR babes are as hot and sexy as they come.


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