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Virtual Reality Adult Games Are Here to Stay!

Virtual Reality, sex games are spreading around the globe like a wildfire! The biggest fans of this radical, gaming action are diving, head in first to read about all the latest porn games and which headsets to invest in. What’s so remarkable about this new technology is due to the fact that with a headset and motion tracking you can candidly look around in your newfound, virtual reality arena.

At our vrporno.com site we have provided you with the latest, high quality VR, sex games and would now like to turn your attention to which VR headsets are the most popular and primo ones to invest in. So, let’s start going down the list and accommodate you with detailed information as to what you can look forward to when it comes to both technology and price ranges.


  • Oculus Rift – is still the biggest player when it comes to the ongoing rebirths of VR and is the most prominent devise needed to play many of our awesome, VR sex games. The retail rendition of Oculus Rift is more costly, but much more state-of-the-art than the planner kit was. If you are familiar with the Vive, the Oculus is almost a carbon copy when it comes to a technical viewpoint. The Oculus Touch motion controllers are exemplary and designed to support extensive sphere WR, just like the Vive. Oculus Rift will cost you $399 which is about $250 less than the PlayStation VR, and the HTC Vive is even less than that.
  • HTC Vive/SteamVR – is extremely technically imposing where you can record operation in a 10-foot cube instead of being stuck in your chair. The package consists of a headset, 2 motion controllers and 2 base stations for construing a “full-room” VR area. Plus there are brand new tracking attachments which provide more natural game playing, but that will cost you extra. The HTC Vive has just been reduced to $600 but to some that’s not enough since PC-tethered VR systems like Vive need a ton of power, with HTC suggesting an Intel Core i5-4590 CPU and GeForce GTX 970 GPU.
  • SonyPlaystation VR – just like the Rift, the SonyPlaystation VR needs a “Camera” for the headset to function plus a “Move” controller bundle for motion controls to reach full functionality. The SonyPlaystaion VR is the most sought after VR headset on the market which provides the most easy to navigate, tethered Virtual Reality experience and sensation. The SonyPlaystation VR will cost you $499 and with all the accessories mentioned above, it’s a pretty good deal at that price.
  • Google Daydream View – is comparable to the “Cardboard” approach where you put your phone in a rather low-cost headset. Its objective is to separate the screen into 2 pictures as your demonstration, thanks to a pair of optics. The handheld remote, very much like the Oculus one will single handedly control all the action. It should also be mentioned it’s really cool that they have apps that work with it, plus the SDK updates granting for same time Cardboard and Daydream backing. The Google Daydream view will only cost you $99 which isn’t much for what you get in return.
  • Windows Mixed Reality – Microsoft has partnered up with several headset manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Lenovo and Acer plus have joined hands with Odyssey headset and Samsung as well. They are looking into the prospect of producing a series of Window-10 readyMixed Reality” headsets. The difference between Mixed and Virtual Reality is a bit fishy, but it implies alliance of augmented reality (AR) technology through the use of cameras on the helmet. It’s all over the grapevine that Microsoft is hard at work on the very costly HoloLens which is another headset with super mega potential once it’s ready to hit the market.


Hopefully you’ll find this information to be both helpful and educational as you start your journey in finding the ultimate headset that fulfills both your expectations as well as the pocketbook. We like to point out that at the very bottom of every VR, sex game review we have added the “Requirements”, the Installation Manual” plus “Devises” that’s needed to play a particular VR, sex game. ENJOY!

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