Andrea Radrizzani says Qatari investor could help Leeds United rival Manchester City

Leeds United proprietor Andrea Radrizzani is contemplating three investment suggestions, one of which he claims can assist the club compete financially with Manchester City.
Radrizzani has verified Qatari Sports Investment (QSI) is considering acquiring a stake at the Championship club, even after being connected with a potential takeover in Elland Road earlier this past summer.
QSI is directed by Qatari businessman Nasser Al-Khelaifi and French champions Paris Saint-Germain.
Radrizzani states two individual offers of external investment are under consideration; just only a single from a Leeds fan another from a owner of an team that is unknown and based in the United States.
I have been approached by over 20 parties and I have chosen these three, Radrizzani informed The Times.
The option of Qatar Sports Investment and Nasser – first of all they are friends, we have had a great relationship for quite a very long time.
Secondly, theyve got the option to attract this bar to compete with Manchester City, so for the fans that might be an excellent prospect.
The moment is based in America, he is a huge fan of Leeds United since he was a young child, and I enjoy this.
The following one would be the owner of an Italian team. With a different club its possible to create synergy to become competitive and to target the Premier League – we could maybe get a loan to raise the essence of the team.
Before becoming the majority owner of the club after purchasing out Massimo Cellino radrizzani bought in January 2017 into Leeds.
The Italian businessman believes if the club is to animate itself from the Premier League investment is essential and hasnt ruled out selling a vast majority stake.
The most significant thing for me would be to make this bar large again, he explained. When Ill open the door to the others I do not know, hopefully when were in the Premier League.
The monetary support are important in the Premier League.
When it will be completed, it is irrelevant which share [I have]it matters I can continue my project and also have the support to build this club back .

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